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Creech Out for Blood (2001) #3


Todd McFarlane Productions (W/A) Greg Capullo

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Todd McFarlane Productions (W/A) Greg Capullo It is the final hour. Battu’s consciousness is about to be erased, wiped clean from the Creech’s brain. Once again, as Dross intended, he will be rendered a remorseless killing machine, a future leader of an army designed to crush the D’troden. But before Dross can boast victory he’ll have to contend with the one man who is determined to stand in his way: Chris Rafferty. Will Chris be able to stop Dross before it’s too late? If so, will he have the guts to follow through with the plan to destroy the Creech? He knows the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. The swing of these events shall decide the future for all of mankind. FC 48pp $4.95 Cover price $4.95.


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