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Death of the Inhumans (2018 Marvel) #01C


Written by Donny Cates. Art by Ariel Olivetti. Cover by Javi Garron.

Published Sep 2018 by Marvel.

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Written by Donny Cates. Art by Ariel Olivetti. Cover by Javi Garron. THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL – HERE LIE THE INHUMANS. The Kree have gone murdering, leaving behind a message: Join or die. Thousands of Inhumans have already made their choice – the evidence floats bleeding in space. Black Bolt and his family are next. Rising star Donny Cates and PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL artist Ariel Olivetti bring their brutal talents to the Inhumans! 36 pages, full color.

Published Sep 2018 by Marvel.


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